Answers to the most questions asked. If not, please contact us

Why do we need to know Gender, Hair Colour and Age?2020-07-15T05:38:50+10:00

Photo days can be very busy and by knowing this information it is helpful to cross reference and we definitely identify the right child. Sometimes there can be 3 Harrison’s in one Class.  These days with Unisex names like Cameron, Tyler, Riley etc it is helpful for our Photography staff not so assume the Gender based on the name prior to their Photo Shoot. Also with the age, if we see they are 7 we know they are School-Aged and how to approach them best, prior to their Photo Shoot, as they most likely won’t be interested in Thomas the Tank play etc. If they are 6 weeks old, then we know to be prepared for photographing a little Bub who can’t sit by themselves yet etc. All of this information helps our Admin, Photographers and Assistants in various ways.

Does Bubba Beanz Photography also offer other styles of photography?2020-07-06T04:53:44+10:00

Yes. The Owner, Lead Photographer and founder of Bubba Beanz Photography has been involved with all aspects of photography for over 20 years. We also have a studio in Sutton St Redcliffe. Please contact Donna via the Website contact page, or you can call/text 0409 277 136 and she will be able to discuss your needs (Weddings not on offer).

What if I order a Pre-Paid package but left the Centre not long after the shoots?2020-07-13T03:17:58+10:00

All packs ordered will be delivered to the centre. If your Child no longer attends you will need to contact your centre and arrange to have it sent to you. This is arranged directly between you and your Centres Director or Staff member.

How do I know what days the Photo Shoots are on and when packs are delivered back to the centre?2020-07-13T03:19:25+10:00

Posters located throughout your Centre will outline the shoots dates, times and Rooms scheduled. Please note – The Rooms advised are a guide only. If your Child does attend on the advertised Room photo day they will automatically be scheduled in. If not please nominate an alternate shoot day on offer or advise you will be bringing them in. Printed order forms are also available for those who prefer, and they outline the Photo Shoot dates and also the date the printed packs are delivered back to the Centre. Due to the great Optional Extras and the high quality of service, Merchandise & Printed Products, Packs are typically delivered back to the Centre within approx 5-7 weeks, depending on the size of the Centre.

Can I change or swap items in the packs on offer?2020-07-13T03:20:21+10:00

ONLY 2 Packs (Pack B & C) offer an option to SWAP OUT because not every Parent wants a Class Composite photo. As our Professional Supplier provides us discounted pricing for our packages etc, it allows us to pass on the discounted price on to you.  All packs are 1 Image reproduced and items cannot be swapped for other sized prints, other images or merchandise etc.

What is a Digital Photo File?2020-07-13T03:21:05+10:00

A Digital photo file is a digital version of one photograph. When a Digital file is on offer for purchase it is per photo and does not mean a USB or disc of every photo taken.

What is a Kooky Kollage?2020-07-04T05:59:27+10:00

A Kooky Kollage is a Pre-Ordered option we love to offer where we do some fun and crazy photos of your Child/Children. Kooky’s come with complimentary “Choose your Favourite Photo” option.  This way, you get to see the hilarious results from their Photo Shoot and YOU choose your fav 4 images. Your choices will then be cropped and placed, in order that you have advised, into a gorgeous 8″x10″ print to showcase your own Kooky Little Kid/s! Exact copies are only $15 so you can share the Craziness with Family! The Grandparents in particular love it! It is definitely a BIG HIT!

What if I love several or all of my Child’s/Childrens images in the CYFP (Choose your Fav Photo) Gallery?2020-07-06T05:01:22+10:00

Many times parents love ALL the photos and choose to purchase all the digital images. 1 Digital image is $55 and includes 1x 6″x4″ print as an example of our correct colour printing and production AND also includes complimentary Choose Your Fav Photo option. That way you get to see all the images taken and let us know which one you love. Each additional digital file is $25 each (no additional print examples included). Should you want to purchase ALL images in your Gallery (sometimes there can be upwards of 20+ images), please ask this via your reply email and a quote will be provided. Depending on the quantity we may be able to do a Bundle price. You may also purchase extra prints or apply them to extra print packages and Merchandise.

Do you intend to put any pictures of my Child/Children on Social Media?2020-07-04T06:17:53+10:00

Absolutely not! If the Free Facebook Sneak Peek option is not ticked/requested, NO photo of your Child/Children will be uploaded onto Facebook or any other social media, whatsoever. The safety, protection and privacy of the Child/Children and Family is of the utmost importance to us.

How do I qualify for a free Facebook Sneak Peek?2020-07-13T06:21:37+10:00

In order to qualify for the Sneak Peek YOU MUST:  Have completed and paid for your order ONLINE. You MUST have “ticked” the Online request to qualify. If it is left blank, please be rest assured we will not post any image of your Child/Children. If a Siblings pack was ordered we will post, Photographers Choice, the best Siblings image. If Individual Packs of 2 or more children were ordered, but no Siblings pack, we will choose 1 photo of 1 child only and post that image. Please become a Bubba Beanz Photography Facebook Fan so you don’t miss seeing them when posted. All FB images are Watermarked for your protection and uploaded at a Low Resolution. As this is a PRE-ARRANGED free option we love to do for our Clients, a Sneak Peek cannot be requested and added to your order after we have posted them to FB. Due to the hard work being done behind the scenes we make it a priority to get the Sneak Peekz done ASAP. So once posted we can’t go back and do additional ones due to the large amount of processing, admin and post-production that goes into producing high quality service and printed packs.

What is the Facebook Sneak Peek option about?2020-07-15T22:26:38+10:00

If you are on Facebook and would love a Sneak Peek of your Child’s/Childrens photo just tick the box when ordering Online (Online Orders Only and photographers choice). 1x Sneak Peek per Family will be uploaded within a week of the completion of your Centre’s Shoot Week. (Please note:- If a Siblings pack was ordered we will post the best Siblings image. If Individual Packs of 2 or more children were ordered, but no Siblings pack, we will choose 1 photo of 1 child only and post that image only). All images posted will be Watermarked for your protection and uploaded at a small resolution. Bubba Beanz Photography page is a Public page, not a closed group page. Please become a fan of our page so you don’t miss out when they are posted. Parents love to see the results of their shoots and share with Friends and Family! Just another great service we love to provide to our Kindy Parents, Guardians and Carers!

What is the $5 “Choose your Favourite photo” option about?2020-07-15T05:45:58+10:00

For just $5 we will create a secure online Gallery of all the images taken of your Child/Children during their photo shoot. Within 10 working days, you will be emailed a link to check out the results.  An Email address must be provided but… if you do not have one, it will texted to your Mobile for you to look through and choose. Once you have viewed your photos, refer back to the email as it will advise you, in the Subject line, what you have ordered and also what you need to do to advise your choices etc. You can add to your order at anytime using other fav photos for Packs/Single Prints, Merchandise or Prints.

Can I still order extras in the future, say…for Christmas presents etc2020-07-06T04:50:00+10:00

Yes you can. You can get in touch via the “contact us” tab on our Website, email us at info@bubbabeanz.com or call 0409 277 136 to discuss your requirements and we are happy to arrange some extra items for you. We will need to know your Centre, Child’s name, Class and what you would like to order. Payment preferred is Bank Transfer (no Fees). If ordered within 2 weeks of pack delivery we will deliver back to your Centre. If after, postage may be required, depending on your location to our Redcliffe Studio.

Do you keep the images on file and for how long?2019-09-24T00:35:08+10:00

Yes, ALL photos of each child and centre are kept. After 3 months they are archived and safely stored away should a parent or staff member require it in the future.

I forgot to order a Pre Paid Package and I would still like some photos of my child2020-07-06T03:54:00+10:00

ALL children, who attend on Photo Days, are individually photographed in order to appear in their Class Composite photo. Once all shoot days are complete NO discounted Pre Paid Packages are on offer. Once the packs are returned to the centre, the Director will be given a pricelist and a small proof to give to those parents who did not order. As the centre’s also receive complimentary Class Composite prints, to proudly display at their centre, you can also have a closer look when displayed. That will be the only photo on offer to order “after shoot prices”. The pricelist will outline packs etc on offer, how to order and our contact details. Feel free to make contact and discuss though at anytime as we are happy to help!

What happens if my Child does not attend ANY of the shoot days on offer?2020-07-06T04:39:23+10:00

You will need to advise the Photo Shoot day on offer that you will be bringing your Child in when ordering Online. If completing an Order Form from the Centre just tick the box that says you will be bringing in your Child/Children and circle your preferred photo day on offer. Shoot times are 7.30am till 10.00am each Photo Day.

What happens if my child doesn’t smile or is miserable on the day?2020-07-06T04:43:30+10:00

In our Basket of Tricks we have bubbles, balls, Lightning McQueen, Peppa Pig, Dora, Thomas the Tank and all the goodies that most of the kids love love love! But…..if for some reason we cannot get some happy, playful and natural smiles for you, we will try again either that morning or if they attend another Photo Day, we will rebook and reshoot. With 10+ years in the Daycare Centre photography world, we have learnt ALOT about Child Psychology and how to approach each child individually. Some need more craziness, some need to be challenged like it is a game, some like to gentle play and some just take a while to warm up to new people and surroundings. With each different approach we do end up getting there but….we all know we do have “off” days and sometimes they are just not in the mood. Depending on how things go, we will contact you and let you know and see if maybe the Parent or Carer could stay at “drop-off’ and join in on the session so they feel reassured all is good. If they do not attend on another shoot day, we will discuss with the Parent/Carer possible alternatives. A full refund of their order is also on offer should they prefer to do that.

What do you do to encourage the children to smile/relax etc?2020-07-06T04:44:55+10:00

There are many, many tricks and toys used in order to get that natural smile. We are armed with bubbles, popular figures, interactive toys and a whole lot of child psychology experience. 99% of the time we work out what your child needs for a natural happy and bright smile. If for some reason it is not happening we do not want to stress and upset your child, so we may have a 15 min break and try again, we may get their favourite Teacher or Kindy Friend to join in and help. We may do all sorts of wacky things but failing that, we may have to reschedule them in for another shoot another day. We will contact the Parent/Carer and advise their child wasn’t really feeling it that day. We can also look a arranging another time for the parent to possibly bring them in if available and if all else fails, we discuss with the parent the options and see what plan we can come up with. Or the Parent may be happy to just go with what we did get but a full refund of their order is on offer should they decide not to proceed.

What time do you start and finish shooting?2020-07-05T06:13:56+10:00

We start shooting at 7.30am and finish by 10am each Photo Day. School-aged Siblings will have priority on Photo Shoot days in order to get to School on time or catch the Bus etc.

Can I dress my child in a certain outfit or have a special toy in their shoot?2020-07-05T06:57:55+10:00

Absolutely! However, depending on the centres dress code for some of the older rooms (ie Kindergarten) they may require a uniform. If so we can do photos in casual clothing and then some in their uniform. Casual clothing pic will be used for their order and uniform photo will be used for the Class Composite photo. Just ensure you have advised a Staff Member so it is not forgotten, or bring them in their casual clothing at drop-off and come and see us. If they have a special Toy, please ensure you let Centre Staff know that you would like to have it included in their shoot.

Can I get siblings photos of a school aged sibling before school time?2020-07-05T07:05:40+10:00

Yes. School aged Siblings will have priority on the day of their nominated Photo Shoot. Shoots start at 7.30am so first preference is given to the children whose parents need to get them to school prior to 8.30am or catch the Bus etc. We will do our best to make it as quick as we can and get the right image for your sibs pack.

Why are the Photo Shoots held over several days?2020-07-05T07:17:03+10:00

Trying to get the best photos and give the best service in just one day, does not work! By holding the shoots over several days and for only a few hours each morning, helps to minimise the interruptions and impact to a Centre and also ensures we can photograph as many Children who attend the Centre over the days.

Why don’t you do one group shot on one specified day?2020-07-05T08:20:54+10:00

As much as we love a Group Class Photo taken on one day too, it just means that so many Children who do not attend that day, will miss out. In these busy times of working Parents, it just isn’t possible for many Parents to be able to bring their Child in especially for the group photo. Sometimes up to 11 children can be missing from a group photo so the Parents will miss out on a Class Photo. So to ensure the majority of each Class can receive a Class photo we take the best “head shot” of each child who has been photographed on Photo Days and combine it into a lovely 8″x10″Class Composite photo.

Can I still order & pay on the day of my childs shoot?2020-07-05T08:32:17+10:00

Yes you can! You can order ONLINE providing it is NOT the photo day you request your Child/Children’s photos to be taken. Reason being is that you may order a Kooky Kollage or want Centre Siblings photos taken and we may not get your order till that evening and that was the only or last day your child attends the Centre that week. If you are ordering for future dates ie. tomorrow, Thursday of shoot week, we will receive you order in time to ensure we complete it correctly. If you are ordering on the day of the photo shoot, it is best to complete an order form from the Centre or see our helpful Photography staff on the Day of the shoot.

What happens if my child’s scheduled class day is NOT a day they attend?2020-07-05T11:02:05+10:00

If your Child DOES attend on the advertised “Default Class Photo Day”, and they are only need their individual photo taken, they will automatically be scheduled for that day. If Your Child DOES NOT attend on the “Default Class Photo Day” we ask that you nominate an alternate photo day that is on offer as there is not need for them to miss out. We attend over several day so we like to ensure that all Children who attend on any of these photo days are photographed. If you are ordering SIBLINGS photos then we also ask that you nominate ONE photo day only as all photos will be completed in one sitting only. Please note that if your child attends on ANY of the photo days, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING THEM IN ESPECIALLY.

What days do Bubba Beanz Photography do the shoots?2020-07-05T11:03:16+10:00

Typically Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays but if the centre is very large (130 children +) then Fridays will also be offered.

How many images do I get in my printed pack/s?2020-07-05T11:05:04+10:00

All packs have ONE photo only reproduced throughout it as outlined on the website. If you have ordered multiple packs AND opted for the “Choose your Fav photo” option then you CAN apply other favourite photos into additional packs and merchandise. If ordering merchandise you can have other photos used for it. Strictly one photo is reproduced throughout a pre-paid pack though.

What if I don’t get paid and can’t pay for my order before the cut-off date?2020-07-05T11:06:18+10:00

Occasionally this happens and we understand families have budgets etc. If you would really like to order a pre paid pack or packs and don’t get paid till a certain date, please contact our head office either via email, or phone. We are happy to help were we can. But, please remember if no payment is made or credit cards decline on several occasions etc and no return contact has been made to our head office, orders will be cancelled and not eligible for pre paid pack discounts.

Can my school aged child or child who does not attend the centre be in the siblings photo?2020-07-05T11:10:35+10:00

Absolutely! If they are school aged we understand they need to get to school prior to at 8.30am or need to catch the daycare courtesy bus etc. Once we see that you have advised the child is school aged they will have priority on the morning of their nominated shoot. Newborn Siblings – 17 years are welcome regardless if they attend the Centre. Please note, Maximum of 4 children included in siblings pack. Additional children 5 or more will be an additional of $5 per additional child due to extra time etc to get that great shot.

Can I order merchandise but with another photo I love of my child?2019-09-11T06:19:16+10:00

ONLY if you have chosen the additional option to “choose your fav photo”, then you can choose any other loved image of your child for merchandise, additional prints or digital files etc. Otherwise, If you have not chosen this option there will only be the one image available that you have either seen on a Facebook Sneak Peek or when you have collected your pack on pack delivery day.

Can I order a pack for me and one for my ex partner or other family members?2020-07-05T11:14:35+10:00

You sure can! It is preferred that each parent complete a separate Online order or printed Order Form and will be treated individually if you so wish. If you are ordering on behalf of your Ex and think you will both be happy with the same photo etc and just want the order to be simple and straight forward, please just mark the quantity of 2 or 3 etc. Please note, orders CAN be treated as separate but you will just need to complete your own form.

Can I share a photo of my child or children on Facebook?2020-07-06T04:05:43+10:00

If you have requested the Free Facebook Sneak Peak then you can share the Watermarked/Low Resolution image on your Social Media. We do love to see the great comments, so if you tag those you want to share with, we get the added advantage of reading their lovely comments and how excited they are to see such a great photo.

Can I choose my fav photo of my child or children?2020-07-06T04:07:23+10:00

Yes, as we do offer the great extra of the $5 Choose Your Fav Photo option. Just request this on your Online order and we will email you a secure link showcasing all the photos taken during your Child/Children’s Kindy Beanz Photo Shoot. This option is ONLY on offer for ONLINE orders.

What if I want individual photos of my children PLUS a siblings photo?2020-07-06T04:19:49+10:00

Order a Child’s individual pack option by putting in your quantityof 1 (if 2 children just mark the number “2” if 3 children just mark the number “3” etc). We understand you are then ordering an individual pack for EACH of your children as multiple children’s names will appear on the ONE order, so no need to explain when ordering. THEN, this is important, you will then need to ONLY complete the quantity in the box for the $15 SIBS ADD ON PACK. (We offer the $15 sibs add-on pack in order to help make it more affordable for you). For example. If you want a $35 individual pack  of Suzie AND you want a $35 individual pack for her brother Tom AND you want one of them together you only order and pay an additional $15 for the Siblings Pack so the total comes to $85 (plus any other merchandise or Paypal charges etc). If unsure, please contact our Head Office to clarify, we are happy to help!

What if I only want a Siblings photo pack of my children, NOT individual photos?2020-07-05T11:36:42+10:00

Should you ONLY want photos of your Kiddos together (NO individual photos nor class photos etc) please choose the $30 Siblings Only pack (only of your children together). You can have up to 4 Siblings attend the group photo (they do not ALL need to attend the centre) but additional siblings (5+) are $5 each due to the additional time it takes to photograph many children and to get it right. The shoot days are incredibly busy already so we will need additional time to ensure we get a great Group shot for you.

What do I get if I order and pay by Thursday 6pm PRIOR to Photo Week?2020-07-05T11:41:45+10:00

Ordering ONLINE by Thursday 6pm PRIOR to Photo Week helps us to be super organized. As a thank you, we would like to give you a FREE set of wallet prints (per household) of either your child individually (if you only ordered an individual pack) or a set of Siblings wallets (if you ordered any siblings pack). If you are separated from a partner or ordering multiple packs for relatives etc, only one set of Wallet prints are included.

Can I just order over the phone or get a staff member/Director to complete my form?2020-07-05T11:46:16+10:00

Anything is possible of course, but it is preferred you either complete your own Online Order or the order form available at your Daycare Centre. In the past we have come across problems with incorrect spelling of names/packs ordered and disappointment when the Parent did not realize they could request the Facebook Sneak Peak or Choose Your Fav Photo option etc. It is in your best interest to complete your own order form.

When do you process my credit card payment for my order?2020-07-06T04:21:57+10:00

If you have completed an Order form from your Centre (not Online) then your Credit Card will be processed on Friday or Saturday prior to Shoot Week. If ordered DURING Photo week we will process on the day received, time permitting or the following day. Please note that Credit Cards have a $2 processing and handling fee.

What are my payment options for my order?2020-07-06T03:51:01+10:00

If ordering ONLINE you can pay via Bank Transfer (No Fees) or Paypal/Credit Card/Debit Card (Fees apply). If ordering via an Order Form from the Centre  you can pay via Bank Transfer (No Fees), Credit Card ($2 processing & handling fee) or Paypal ($2 processing & handling fee).

How do I Pre Pay my Order?2020-07-06T04:24:59+10:00

Please visit our Website www.bubbabeanz.com and go to the Online order page. When ordering online you will also enjoy the benefits of additional extras that are not on offer on the printed order forms at your Daycare Centre. Order Online and Ontime (by Thursday 6pm prior to your Centre’s Shoot Week) you will also receive a Free Set of Wallet Prints! Just a little “Thank You!” for helping us be super organized with our Shoot Schedule etc.

How long do you advertise the Pre Paid packs for?2020-07-06T04:27:46+10:00

Firstly we send your Centre digital advertising of “Save the Date” outlining the days we will be visiting your Centre (6-8 weeks prior). This is usually posted on their internal Social Media/Storypark etc. so Parents/Carers get to know quite some time in advance when Photo Week is coming. Then we advertise at your Centre for approx 2-3 weeks prior to shoot week, with advertising posters and information on how to order etc. Printed order forms are available for those who do not want to order online. Please be aware that no Facebook Sneak Peekz, Choose your Fav Photo Option or Free set of Wallet prints (if ordered by Thur 6pm prior to shoot week) are on offer for printed order forms.

Why do you do Pre Paid packages?2020-07-05T12:17:00+10:00

At Bubba Beanz Photography we pride ourselves on superior customer service, choices, unique options and being organized. By doing pre paid packs it allows us to ensure your entire order is taken care of, exactly as you would like. It also allows you to choose ONLINE options such as Choose your Fav Photo or a Facebook Sneak Peek, order merchandise and also to add to your order should you love what you see, which so often happens. We have found if it is left for Parents to contact us to look at ordering, it most likely won’t happen due to the crazy pace of life. So by ordering early and upfront we ensure that you do not miss out and we know what you want. We do the hard work behind the scenes and all you need to do is collect your photo Order and squeal with joy when you see the results. It just makes sense to do it this way so please trust us to take care of Business and produce the goods for you.

What if I don’t order a pack at all, will my child still be photographed?2019-09-11T06:03:19+10:00

Yes, ALL children will be photographed in order to appear in the Class Composite photo. If there are court orders or special reasons why you object to this, please let a staff member know prior to the shoots.

What is a Class Composite photo of my child’s class?2019-09-11T06:02:37+10:00

A class composite photo is a collection of the best head shots of each child, individually placed into a class photo image. This is not a class photo taken on only one day. The majority of centres prefer this method in order to include as many children in each class that can be photographed during the shoot days. This also avoid much stress to younger children who are not comfortable being forced to sit in certain areas and trying to be restrained especially if their parents are there. It is to stressful for children, parents, staff and also the photographer. It is best not to force upset on children just for their class photo.

How do I order a Pre Paid pack of my Child/Children?2020-07-06T04:34:33+10:00

Please go to www.bubbabeanz.com Look over Packs etc available and choose what you would like. If ordering ONLINE and ONTIME (by 6pm Thursday PRIOR to Photo Week), you will receive a Free Set of Wallet prints. You can also complete an Order form that is available from your Centre should you prefer. However they do not have additional options or offers (free Facebook Sneak Peekz, $5 Choose Your Fav Photo option or Free Set of Wallet Prints). Any questions etc please contact us, we are happy to help!