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Why choose Bubba Beanz Photography for your yearly daycare centre photos?

Personal Service – Centres

BBP is passionate about personal service to not only Parents but also to the directors & staff of each daycare centre they service. There is a general formula we have created, that is followed in order make the shoots run smoothly. But it is important to us that each centre is listened to in order to find out what they love, hate & need from the days shoots in order to make it run smoothly, be enjoyable, be memorable & something to look forward to each year, rather than dread!

Personal Service – Parents & Carers

BBP has worked hard and listened over the years as to what our customers want and need from their yearly special keepsakes being Kindy Photos. They want good quality photos, natural, bright with attention to detail. They also know what they do not want. Boring beige background photos, forced smiles or grimaces, no variety, lack of options, attention to detail, no dribbles, food stains from morning tea, distressed children & low quality all-around.

We are more than happy to help where we can and show that good old fashion care & service is still available in Kindy Photography! It is of the utmost importance that you are proud to show your family & friends your childs annual kindy photos and something you are proud to display. Our reputation rely’s on this winning formula so everyone is a winner!

Kindy Shoot Days

BBP schedules Kindy photo shoots from Tuesday-Thursdays mainly (but of course flexibility is there should it be needed once discussions with the centre commence). Typically Kindy season dates are most popular from March to Sept but other months and last minute dates can possibly be accommodated, just call to ask. Pre-Paid order forms are delivered to the centre for a 4 week advertising campaign at the centre. Forms will need to be handed in by the Friday before the shoots in order for the parents to be eligible for a free gift as a “Thank you” to the parents for handing their form in on time.

Why do we do this??? In order for the most efficient approach to full-filling their orders/packs/merchandise etc. To ensure that their order is filled correctly, we have found it is best to do pre-paid order forms. Delivery of packs are between 4-5 weeks to the centre and always on a Friday at 2pm. This allows enough time for the fantastic optional extras to be completed such as Facebook Sneak Peeks & also the very popular option of “Choose your Favourite Photo” option that the parents love.

We know that the photo WE may think is absolutely perfect of a child, may not be the one that the parent thinks represents or looks like their perfect fun-sized human. In order to offer these great additional extras, it is necessary to add a little extra time for those parents who choose these options. We know that packs could be back within 3 weeks but due to these extra options and no attention to detail and personal service to both centres and parents, it causes a little extra delay, which is so worth the wait. This is yet another thing that sets BBP apart from the rest!

In Conclusion

As you know, there are many “try-hard” Kindy photography companies doing the rounds but you will find it hard to beat the quality, service & professionalism of BBP. With many years experience working with children we have many “tricks up our sleeves” in order to get the best & most natural smiles out of your Kindy Kids & their Siblings while ensuring their safety and that it is a fun-filled happy experience for all involved.

So, in order to secure a booking for your centres Kindy photos, for many years to come, please call Donna as soon as possible, as places fill fast. 07 3123 5377 or 0409 277 136, 7 days a week 10am-7pm to discuss your centres needs & requirements. Alternatively, visit our contacts page and enter a few required details and we will contact you to discuss.

Let BBP bring a whole new happy Kindy Photography experience. Isn’t it time for your centre got some “Art from the Heart”