At Bubba Beanz Photography we pride ourselves on superior customer service, choices, unique options and being organized. By doing pre paid packs it allows us to ensure your entire order is taken care of, exactly as you would like. It also allows you to choose ONLINE options such as Choose your Fav Photo or a Facebook Sneak Peek, order merchandise and also to add to your order should you love what you see, which so often happens. We have found if it is left for Parents to contact us to look at ordering, it most likely won’t happen due to the crazy pace of life. So by ordering early and upfront we ensure that you do not miss out and we know what you want. We do the hard work behind the scenes and all you need to do is collect your photo Order and squeal with joy when you see the results. It just makes sense to do it this way so please trust us to take care of Business and produce the goods for you.