Order a Child’s individual pack option by putting in your quantityof 1 (if 2 children just mark the number “2” if 3 children just mark the number “3” etc). We understand you are then ordering an individual pack for EACH of your children as multiple children’s names will appear on the ONE order, so no need to explain when ordering. THEN, this is important, you will then need to ONLY complete the quantity in the box for the $15 SIBS ADD ON PACK. (We offer the $15 sibs add-on pack in order to help make it more affordable for you). For example. If you want a $35 individual pack¬† of Suzie AND you want a $35 individual pack for her brother Tom AND you want one of them together you only order and pay an additional $15 for the Siblings Pack so the total comes to $85 (plus any other merchandise or Paypal charges etc). If unsure, please contact our Head Office to clarify, we are happy to help!