In our Basket of Tricks we have bubbles, balls, Lightning McQueen, Peppa Pig, Dora, Thomas the Tank and all the goodies that most of the kids love love love! But…..if for some reason we cannot get some happy, playful and natural smiles for you, we will try again either that morning or if they attend another Photo Day, we will rebook and reshoot. With 10+ years in the Daycare Centre photography world, we have learnt ALOT about Child Psychology and how to approach each child individually. Some need more craziness, some need to be challenged like it is a game, some like to gentle play and some just take a while to warm up to new people and surroundings. With each different approach we do end up getting there but….we all know we do have “off” days and sometimes they are just not in the mood. Depending on how things go, we will contact you and let you know and see if maybe the Parent or Carer could stay at “drop-off’ and join in on the session so they feel reassured all is good. If they do not attend on another shoot day, we will discuss with the Parent/Carer possible alternatives. A full refund of their order is also on offer should they prefer to do that.