There are many, many tricks and toys used in order to get that natural smile. We are armed with bubbles, popular figures, interactive toys and a whole lot of child psychology experience. 99% of the time we work out what your child needs for a natural happy and bright smile. If for some reason it is not happening we do not want to stress and upset your child, so we may have a 15 min break and try again, we may get their favourite Teacher or Kindy Friend to join in and help. We may do all sorts of wacky things but failing that, we may have to reschedule them in for another shoot another day. We will contact the Parent/Carer and advise their child wasn’t really feeling it that day. We can also look a arranging another time for the parent to possibly bring them in if available and if all else fails, we discuss with the parent the options and see what plan we can come up with. Or the Parent may be happy to just go with what we did get but a full refund of their order is on offer should they decide not to proceed.