In order to qualify for the Sneak Peek YOU MUST:  Have completed and paid for your order ONLINE. You MUST have “ticked” the Online request to qualify. If it is left blank, please be rest assured we will not post any image of your Child/Children. If a Siblings pack was ordered we will post, Photographers Choice, the best Siblings image. If Individual Packs of 2 or more children were ordered, but no Siblings pack, we will choose 1 photo of 1 child only and post that image. Please become a Bubba Beanz Photography Facebook Fan so you don’t miss seeing them when posted. All FB images are Watermarked for your protection and uploaded at a Low Resolution. As this is a PRE-ARRANGED free option we love to do for our Clients, a Sneak Peek cannot be requested and added to your order after we have posted them to FB. Due to the hard work being done behind the scenes we make it a priority to get the Sneak Peekz done ASAP. So once posted we can’t go back and do additional ones due to the large amount of processing, admin and post-production that goes into producing high quality service and printed packs.