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Photography is my passion

Donna started carving her way in photography when she was 19 embarking on small, intimate weddings which then started to spread, from word of mouth and turned in 12 years, as predominately being a wedding photographer with couples, familiies & children slotted in between, while also working full time in the Security industry.

With the birth of her own divine little fun-sized human, she was determined to spend 12months being a full-time Wife & Mummy, while milling over the ideas of heading full-steam into her other long time passion, Photography.

Having her own child & becoming a family, steared Donna into her specialty of children & families as she wanted to capture these special times, that fly by so so quickly. Because within a blink, they are driving off with friends waving goodbye. She set about freezing these moments in time as she hears all too often people regretting not having their tailor-made portraits taken, professionally & creatively. Especially mothers, who may have hated their big pregnant belly, stretch marks, double-chins or flabby arms but with a little tweaking, Donna can always put your best self forward no matter who you are, what shoot you want, how old you are or what shape you are. Don’t be afraid of what you see as your imperfections, your children will will never see anything but the person who loves them most, no matter what.

If not for you, do it for your children, for them to have something special to hand down from generation to generation. “These Should not be Forgotten years!”

Love, Bubbabeanz Photography

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